The Woffin™ is a weigh-off inflation device for latex weather balloons. It is placed in the neck of the balloon and permits inflation through a short length of latex tubing. Once the proper inflation is achieved, usually monitored by a removable weigh-off weight, the latex tubing is pinched shut and the balloon is ready to launch.

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The Woffin permits:

  • Highly-accurate weigh-offs as the inflation nozzle flies with the balloon

  • Quick launches, no complicated folding/taping/tying to seal the balloon’s neck

  • Secure balloon-to-payload attachment

  • Easily accessible harness to attach a weigh-off weight or mooring line to hold the balloon while the payload is readied

The Woffin User Guide

Woffin total mass (grams): #4-17g, #6-21g, #8-26g, #10-29g

The Woffin has been released as an Open Source Hardware Project. For more information, please see: https://bitbucket.org/Loonatec/woffin/