UAS Bounder


Geofence Enforcer for Drones

The UAS Bounder is a secondary geofence controller that ensures your unmanned aircraft system stays out of trouble and within its authorized flight envelope.
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The UAS Bounderâ„¢ detects range violations and safely terminates the flight when a boundary is breached. It is completely independent of, and transparent to the autopilot system to ensure reliability. It can be used to eliminate the need for visual line-of-sight operation on authorized test ranges and permit rapid autopilot development by avoiding costly reviews after each change. It can easily be adapted to any UAS that uses standard RC servos and electronic speed controllers (ESC).

The UAS Bounder is a secondary geofence controller for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Its features include:

  • Multiple activation parameters to choose from: GPS geofences, acceleration, magnetometer, and timer limits
  • Seven-channel Servo Routing Switch (SRS)
  • Eight configurable servo PWM outputs
  • Programmed via a micro-SD card prior to launch
  • Independent omni-directional GPS receiver with optional external antenna
  • Separate power that also provides backup power for servo motors after activation
  • Ability to log GPS position, acceleration, and other flight characteristics
  • Opto-isolated uni-directional autopilot interface for status and position reports
  • No RF spectrum approval necessary


UAS Bounder User Guide (PDF) – Revision 2

UAS Bounder User Guide (PDF) – Revision 1