The Bounder™ is a self-contained hot-wire cutter. It can be used as a flight termination unit when placed on the line between the parachute and the balloon. Configuration is through a text file on the micro-SD card, and it can sever a synthetic line on one of the following triggers:

  • Elapsed time since power-on
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • GPS altitude
  • Rectangular geo-fence


The Bounder™ is a self-contained balloon termination device. It contains the following four common balloon devices:

  • Pre-programmable cut-down device that can sever a line during the balloon flight. If two are used, then redundant flight termination is assured.
  • Flight computer that monitors and records pressure and temperature during the flight.
  • High-altitude GPS tracker that logs position data in both CSV and KML formats.
  • Thermal management device that maintains a minimum temperature to ensure proper operation throughout the flight.


The Bounder helps ensure that your balloon flights end predictably and at the appropriate time. Some common uses for Bounders is to:

  • Ensure that your payload stays in a certain geographic region
  • Meet flight safety requirements
  • Cut-away a lift balloon to enable float conditions on tandem balloon flights
  • Avoid lost payloads on single balloon flights that float
  • Cleanly separate your payload from the balloon for glider controlled recoveries


The Bounder ships with a protective foam enclosure and micro-SD card. Batteries and rigging line are not included.

The Balloon Bounder User Guide (PDF) – Latest revision

Prior revisions

The Balloon Bounder User Guide (PDF) – revision 4

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