HAB Bounder™ Firmware Change Log

HAB Bounder is a self-contained cut-down device that utilizes a hot-wire cutter to sever a line at a predetermined time or event. Below is an over-view of the firmware versions and major changes each brought to the system. Please ship your HAB Bounder(s) back if you would like the firmware upgraded to the most recent version.

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 15 – January 2021

  • Modified firing PWM settings to permit the usage of more robust burn wire
  • Resolved some minor compiler warnings

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 14 – October 2020

  • Change to how the GPS module is initialized to fix an intermittent boot issue that effected a couple HAB Bounders™

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 13 – April 2020

  • Changed the Geo-fence options
    • Now supports two fences
    • Each fence can be configured to one of six options
      • Stay inside and below an altitude
      • Stay inside and above an altitude
      • Stay outside or below an altitude
      • Stay outside or above an altitude
      • Stay below an altitude
      • Stay above an altitude
  • Removed the GPS Altitude (GAT) Trigger
  • Fixed PAR Trigger SD-card formatting issue

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 12 – February 2020

  • Added GPS Ascent Rate (GAR) Trigger
  • Added Pressure Ascent Rate (PAR) Trigger
  • Removed the Rapid Descent (RDT) Trigger
    • Note: The PAR does all that the RDT did and allows better control

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 11 – November 2019

  • External Trigger option added
    • Note, this feature requires hardware version 4.2 or newer
  • Modified Heater Set Point command, now accepts values of -1 to -60 °C or off
  • Fixed GPS Altitude Trigger setting feedback issue in the flight’s CSV data file

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 10 – October 2019

  • Added GPS Fix audio alert: the Balloon Bounder now beeps at 1/2 hz until GPS fix is acquired
    • Useful reminder to not launch until fix is acquired
  • If Power Save Mode is enabled, it is not activated until after first GPS fix to decrease time-to-fix

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 9 – October 2019

  • MAJOR ISSUE – Fixed GPS Altitude Trigger, now properly handles negative altitudes
    • An observed issue when launching at sea-level, error results in immediate GAT Termination
  • GPS Altitude Trigger now allows altitudes up to 50 km
  • Fixed CSV file’s header, Lat/Lon columns were reversed

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 8 – June 2019

  • Added GPS Fix audio alert: short 2-tone tune plays at fix acquisition
  • Added GPS low-power mode: Power Save Mode can now be enabled to reduce the Balloon Bounder’s power consumption by more than 50 % for long flights
  • GPS data is now received in the UBX format instead of NMEA ASCII, allows more data to be recorded
    • Number of satellites used for fix
    • Date information at 1 Hz
    • Ground speed
    • Vertical speed
    • Heading

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 7 – June 2019

  • A data stamp is now logged the flight’s CSV data file every four minutes
  • Fixed formatting issues with the flight’s KML data
  • Added initial sub-module testing results to the flight’s CSV data file

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 6 – May 2019

  • Both burn-wires are tested every 10 seconds throughout the flight, results are logged in the flight’s CSV data file
  • Battery voltage monitoring is now measured every 10 seconds throughout the flight, results are logged in the flight’s CSV data file
  • Added audio alert that starts 8 seconds before the burn-wires are activated

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 5 – May 2019

  • Fixed Heater Set-Point configuration issues

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 4 – April 2019

  • Finalized SD Card interface code changes

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 3 – April 2019

  • Changed SD Card interface code

HAB Bounder Firmware Version 1 & 2 – March 2019

  • Initial Balloon Bounder code and hardware development

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