HAB Bounder™


HAB Bounder™ is a self-contained balloon termination, or cut-down, device with an external trigger. It can be configured via a text file on a micro-SD card to activate on a variety of triggers. These triggers include:

  • Mission Elapsed Time
  • Minimum Atmospheric Pressure
  • Pressure Ascent Rate
  • GPS Ascent Rate
  • GPS Altitude
  • Geo-fences


It will also accept an initiating signal from a flight computer, satellite modem, or radio link. Once the command is received, HAB Bounder™ will initiate its independent activation sequence to ensure the line it is attached to is completely and rapidly severed.


HAB Bounder™, formerly the Balloon Bounder, contains the following four common balloon devices:

  • Pre-programmable cut-down device that can sever a line during the balloon flight. If two are used, then redundant flight termination is assured.
  • Flight computer that monitors and records pressure and temperature during the flight.
  • High-altitude GPS tracker that logs position data in both CSV and KML formats.
  • Thermal management device that maintains a minimum temperature to ensure proper operation throughout the flight.


HAB Bounder™ helps ensure that your balloon flights end predictably and at the appropriate time. Some common uses for HAB Bounder™ are to:

  • Ensure that your payload stays in a certain geographic region
  • Meet flight safety requirements
  • Cut-away a lift balloon to enable float conditions on tandem balloon flights
  • Avoid lost payloads on single balloon flights that float
  • Cleanly separate your payload from the balloon for glider controlled recoveries


HAB Bounder™ ships with a protective foam enclosure and micro-SD card. Batteries and rigging line are not included.


HAB Bounder™ User Guide (PDF) – revision 5

HAB Bounder™ User Guide (PDF) – revision 4

HAB Bounder™ User Guide (PDF) – revision 3